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Celebrating Nowruz in Turkmenistan

Celebrate Nowruz in the most mysterious and unexplored country of Central Asia - TURKMENISTAN! Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year, which is celebrated in Turkmenistan as well. Nowruz is the day of the vernal equinox, and marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day, depending on where it is observed. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year, and families gather together to observe the rituals.

During this tour we will enjoy Nowruz festivities in the sub-mountain valley of Akhal. Locals will set up a Turkmen village from an oriental tale, hospitable and welcoming, open to friends and neighbors.


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