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Ashgabat - Darvaza - Kunyaurgench

Day 1: Ashgabat

Meeting of the group at the International Airport of Ashgabat. Breakfast. Ashgabat city tour: National Museum of Turkmenistan, the State Historical Reserve “Nisa” (UNESCO world heritage site), Memorial Complex in Kypchak village, parks and squares, “Gulistan” bazaar, also known as a “Russian Bazaar”. Dinner. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Ashgabat - Garagum Yalkymy

Breakfast. Visit the International Equestrian Complex (Ahalteke horses) at Gokdere village. Lunch. Drive to Garagum Yalkymy (so-called “Gas Crater”) (250 km, 4-4,5 hours). Along the way stops in Yerbent village - settled village, very colorful, bright example of former nomadic life of Turkmen tribes. “Gas Crater” located in the very centre of the Garagum Desert was formed in the shape of a huge deep cavity, blowing off the gas. The gas set on fire and the light of the flame is seen many kilometres away from the site. Explore the place. Dinner. Overnight at tent camp.

Day 3: Garagum Yalkymy - Kunyaurgench - Dashoguz

Breakfast. Drive to Kunyaurgench (250km, 5-6 hours). Visiting the State historical Reserve “Ancient Kunyaurgench” (UNESCO World Heritage site). Kunyaurgench (known as Gurganzh in the past) is the largest historical and archaeological park in the north of Turkmenistan. It is a large reserve with numerous ruins and monuments on the territory of modern Kunyaurgench. Such great Muslim scholars as al-Biruni, al-Horezmi and Avicenna once worked here. The city had strong resisted to Chingiz-Khan’s army. The buildings here badly remained today, but the land is still holly for Muslims. Lunch. Drive to Dashoguz (100 km). Continue driving to the “Dashoguz” border (15km). Passing the Customs. End of tour.

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