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Alabai is the true friend and pride of the Turkmen

Turkmen, being true breeders, bred unique breeds of domestic animals, such as the Akhal-Teke horse, turkmen alabai, and hunting dog pots, keeping them intact for thousands of years. Turkmen alabai is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs on Earth. On the territory of Turkmenistan, the most ancient remains of large dogs were found in the settlement of Jeitun (VI millennium BC). Later evidences of the fact that large dogs, the ancestors of modern Turkmen alabays, lived in the territory of modern Turkmenistan even in those days, were noted in the Altyn-Depe settlement (II millennium BC).

Nature and man conscientiously worked on the evolution of the dog. Nature endowed the Turkmen alabay with such features as tremendous strength, impenetrable skin, powerful jaws, a good respiratory system, and constant fights with predators honed his martial art to perfection. The man, having made alabay ​​a true friend and protector, highly appreciated his strength, endurance, unpretentiousness, fearlessness, and the instinct of a self-confident fighter. Turkmen alabay easily tolerates abrupt weather changes. It adapts both to very hot weather +45 in the shade, and to high-altitude temperatures up to -30 degrees. And one more special feature of the Turkmen alabay is the protection of its owner from snakes. These qualities make the Turkmen alabay indispensable friend and guard of the herdsman in his difficult life. The thick skin of the dog is impenetrable for the teeth of the enemy, as well as for many types of prickly plants that grow in abundance throughout the country, especially in the sand.


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